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  • 16 February 2017

    Kresy Family Polish WWII History Group will be showcasing their research and database at the world’s biggest family history show in Birmingham on 6-7 April 2017.

    Although the Polish community is often seen as one of the UK’s newest ethnic minorities, approximately 162,000 came to call this country home just after the Second World War. Deported by Stalin to forced labour in Siberia in 1940, the survivors faced a treacherous journey back to Europe via Iran, Africa and India. Thousands of them joined a new Polish army under British command and fought with the allies at Tobruk, Monte Cassino in Italy, the Falaise Gap and Arnhem. The Polish Navy fought in practically every major naval battle in Atlantic, and Mediterranean waters. Polish pilots contributed heroically to the success of the Battle of Britain in their own squadrons operating under British command and in RAF units. The Polish 303 Squadron had the highest tally of shot down German Aircraft in the Battle of Britain. Polish mathematicians first broke the enigma code in 1932 and throughout the war continued to work with British code breakers at Bletchley Park to unravel the ever changing cipher code.


    Kresy Family Polish WWII History Group is a group of survivors and descendants of those Polish servicemen and women. We continue to honour, preserve, promote, commemorate and research the history of the Polish citizens who were deported to Siberia during WWII from the Eastern Borderlands of Poland known as Kresy.


    Visitors to the Kresy Family stand will be able to discuss their own research and see original war time photos and documents, meet and talk with authors and historians on the themes of displacement and wartime survival and buy DVDs, CDs and books on the subject.


     Visiting the stand will be film director, Piotr Szkopiak, whose works includes Emmerdale, Coronation Street and East Enders.  Also joining us on 8th April will be Alan Herriot, renowned sculptor of Wojtek the Soldier Bear in Edinburgh.



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     Mirka Wojnar   07831 224953

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